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Malaysia has a stable increase of printer market in 2012

According to the latest IDC report shows that, although the government, business and consumer spending in 2011 experienced the overall downward trend, but theprinter market in Malaysia continued to maintain a stable growth trend. The 2011printer market shipments of 1.276 million units, compared to 1.196 million units in2010, an increase of 6.7%.

The printer market in Malaysia associate analyst at IDC, Donovan, Low said, thelaser printer market in 2011 year on year significantly increased, mainly due tocontinued growth in demand of public services and commercial areas of the MPS(Managed Print Services). 2011 laser multifunction printer (MFP) to achieve strong growth, up 52.2 percent; laser single-function printer (SFP) increased by only 4.1%.

Inkjet printers are still subject to the pro-gaze of the many home users throughout Malaysia inkjet printer market, the leading market share of 67.1%. 2011 inkjetprinter shipments of 858,000 units, an increase of 7.7%, multi-function inkjet printershipments grew 18.5 percent, accounting for 77% of the total shipments of inkjet printer, inkjet single function printer year-on-year down 18.5 percent, accounting for only 23% market share in inkjet printers.

Donovan added: "In recent years, continued to narrow the price gap due to themulti-function printer with a single function printer multifunction printers (especiallythe increasing market demand for multi-function inkjet printer). The face of the price difference is only RM200 or more less, people still tend to choose a multi-functionmodels.