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LENOVO releases printer strategy in three markets in 2012

Lenovo releases the printer strategy on home-used, senior and small size enterprises, industry three major 
market on 9th, May in Beijing.

Mr Chenxudong, Senior VP of Lenovo Group, China District CEO, said"today's PC industry, already enter into 
PC+ era from the traditional wintel times. The charactor of PC+ is from smart phones to smart TV,ect different
kind features, all can have the computing, storage and network communication capabilities same as PC. We can see
that pritner as the mobile internet terminal, also will face a new round of technology reform.

Mr Chenxudong said, China will become the largest market of laser printers worldwide in future, and home-used printer
even has enormous potential.

The data shows that Chinese home-used printer market volume already occupy the 23% of the whole market, the highest 
in the largest market segments.

It is reported that Lenovo release home-used laser printer Lj1680 Home Edition/Lenovo Lj2200L/LENOVO M2705/LENOVO M7205
four types"three good printer" as per users' different requirment. Take Home Edition printer Lj1680 as the sample, it is
speically designed for students--also the representative printer of LENOVO "three good printers".