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How to Keep Your Printer Clean

Do you know how significant it is to clean your printer at regular intervals? If not, then check out how you could do-it-yourself to make your printer work for a long time with quality prints.

There are several types of printer models available and each of these requires different cleaning procedures. If you want to clean your printer, it is recommended to review the printer manual first to know the basic instructions.

•Herein, you can find out some informative steps on how to clean your printer in a proper way.
•Take cotton balls or swabs and dampen these with clean or distilled water. Avoid using tap water as that can cause rusting to some printer parts because of contaminants or minerals in it.
•A coffee filter is needed to absorb the exorbitant ink in the Ink Cartridges frame.
•Uncover the printer and ensure that the printer is plugged. No need to turn the power on; only plug it so that when the cover is opened, the cartridge comes to the centre.
•Unplug the printer and remove the cartridge as soon as it has moved to the centre. Do remember not to expose the cartridge for a longer time in order to prevent it from drying.
•Clean the edges and the cartridge face with wet cotton ball. But make sure not to touch the nozzle plate while cleaning.
•The service station of your printer must be kept clean with a moist cloth.
•Put the coffee filter inside the cartridge cradle by folding it into quarters. Push it back to the front of the rollers and then move the cradle from side to side gently so that the coffee filter soaks up the residues.
•Place the cartridge back and turn the printer power on. Make a test print to ensure that the printer is running properly.
A clean printer is the key to get a better quality of print.