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Can You Count on Refilling and Recycling your Ink Cartridges?

So now that you have run out of printer ink, you might be wondering whether you should purchase a replacement Ink Cartridge or go for a refill. Often, a question comes to your mind, if refilling is worth the effort? The main reason most people prefer to try out refilling is because of the cost friendliness and economic benefits that it offers. You can save a fortune with the discount offered by inkjet manufacturers, and you can end up saving up to 60 to 70% by refilling. What you need to consider regarding refilling the cartridges is that it can sometimes be a messy and hulking process. Printer users can do better with time and gain experience over time but until then, it could be a pretty tough job. Refilling procedure cannot be done in a hurry.

Today, printers come with a chip that indicates the level of the printer ink along with the indication that whether it is a refilled ink cartridge or a replacement cartridge bought from the printer manufacturer. Purchasing ink cartridges that come with chips to identify the ink levels is a good option.

Again, some people believe that refilled Ink Cartridges can produce lower quality prints, and finally end up with ruining the printer. Many times you’ll have to reprint pages, wasting both ink and paper.

On the surface, going for refilling might seem to be a great idea to cut costs, but at the end of the day it cost you more than what it’s worth.