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Australia empty cartridge recycling project recycling cartridge 18 million in 10 years

According to foreign media reports, recently, online sales platform in Rockhampton, Australia The Good Guys and non-profit environmental organization Earth Ark (Planet Ark) to carry out the empty cartridge recycling project,

the effect is significant.

The Good Guys in social media to carry out a sample survey showed that: 77% of the average household a year to buy three or more ink cartridges, and added a lot of a fee for the annual household spending.

The Good Guys in Rockhampton owner Paul Archer, said local family more and more important to save money and green. "Consumers are increasingly concerned about the carbon footprint of their own consumption 

as well as behind the product. We recognize that the cartridge to the implementation of a sale. Moreover, our cooperation with the Earth's Ark, allows consumers to truly realize the used cartridge recycling to 

achieve a win-win situation. "

Earth Ark spokeswoman Janet Sparrow said that the Earth's Ark quite looking forward to continued cooperation with the good buys Cartridges 4 Planet Ark project, I believe it will achieve better results.

 He added: "Over the past 10 years of cooperation, this project has been a huge success, recycled cartridges over 18 million."

"We hope that Rockhampton residents were able to be added to this project, a force for environmental protection. March 2013, we recovered an empty box to reach 20 million."